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Allow others to modify one note (share)

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I have a grocery list in Evernote using checkboxes for myself, and I wish, my wife, to modify to indicate food needed for the grocery store.

I use Evernote for PC. I want her to be able to edit it on her iPhone, preferably if she doesn't have Evernote since I don't think she uses it.

I have listed her E-mail as one that edit the note. It is NOT a public link. On her iPhone, I created a shortcut that links to the note. However, she can't edit. In fact, even if I follow that note to the Web-Evernote, I can't edit it.

What settings should I use.

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26 minutes ago, notetakeingguy said:

I want her to be able to edit it on her iPhone, preferably if she doesn't have Evernote

If she doesn't use Evernote, she can't edit the note
You might want to look at dedicated list apps - easier to use
or just email the list to her

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On 2/11/2017 at 7:23 PM, notetakeingguy said:

What settings should I use.

Evernote is a great tool which I use everyday, but not for grocery lists.  You could try Wunderlist which is cross platform, lists can be shareable, and it is designed for this kind of list processing.  FWIW.

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7 minutes ago, notetakeingguy said:

So my wife will install Evernote on her iPhone. Does the note need to be in a shared notebook or since will it be fine that I gave her shared rights to edit it in Evernote (via her E-mail)?

You can share the note to get started

I would think in the long run, there would be a collecion of notes to share and you would use a Notebook 

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1 hour ago, notetakeingguy said:

Setup Evernote on her phone. She did have an account. However, despite syncing, not showing up. Note permissions say she has edit access, and I tried sharing with Work Chat (a feature I hate), but nothing coming up. Should I try to send her a link?

I hate Work Chat too

I just shared a note with Basic account
Switching over to my Basic account, I see the note in Work Chat

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Folks, I'm still having lots of problems. And I'm pretty frustrated given I'm a Premium member and the higher the price, the lower the functionality.

My wife had an Evernote account under her E-mail. I have tried sharing a note and sharing a notebook, but she's not receiving it. She is Basic.

I've gone into her Evernote and tried sharing a note from her to me. That came through. When I go into her workchat, I see it. I did confirm that her login is her E-mail address (the one I shared with). So I don't know why my shares to her are not being received. Unless her Evernote is under a different E-mail address, but I doubt it. So why isn't she seeing the notebooks and notes I am sharing with her via Work Chat? I'm using Evernote for web for her account and Evernote for PC on mine (both on my computer) to try to troubleshoot this.

Basically, her Work Chat just shows the note her account shared with me. My Work Chat shows two of her, one the note her account shared with me, the other the notebooks and note I tried to share with her that she's not geting. Slightly different names (maiden name vs married name) but should be same E-mail address since I just confirmed her account is the same.

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