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I'm new to Evernote, still fumbling and learning.  I'm using the web version (because EN desktop is not available for Linux).  When I login, I'm always taken to the last note that I had open.  How can I set EN to start at the page that lists my Notebooks?  Thanks.

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That sounds a lot like "You can't get there from here" :)  If EN is already defaulting somewhere (such as currently to the Notes list or the last open Note), it should be possible to change and specify where EN defaults to right after the login screen.  I mean, if it knows where it's going now, it should be possible and easy to give it a simple, different instruction.

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:) It possibly is a simple change to make,  but it is going to affect all users (which is going to be a lot of users..) which is going to cause some "why oh why did you change?" comment unless it's made an option,  and to make it an option requires more coding in the web client,  which is already being rewritten from the ground up. 


That might take a while,  and may well include your requested optional views...  but that now needs testing alongside the root-and-branch recoded stuff,  so it's not exactly a simple or a quick process...

- And if it was just a question of using a different URL for the view,  you could just set up a shortcut to the right link;  but the URL doesn't change when the view does,  so that's a web-fu with which I am not familiar...

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Very happy to read the link.  Thank you for that.  With seemingly everything and everyone moving to the cloud, as a newcomer the EN web client looked a bit like the forgotten poor cousin in the family.

For reasons that I don't need to get into here, I have made a conscious and conscientious decision to move everything that I do to the cloud.  I'm not a power user by any means but it just makes sense for the way that I think about and do things.  The days of the dial up modem are long behind us :)

As one small example of that, I don't use an email/calendar/contact client on my desktop.  I use the web client provided by my ISP.  It's on a Zimbra platform and has some limitations but I can either work around or live with them.  As a retired individual user, I no longer have a work server to host all my emails, so this works for me and I never have to think about backup.  Just one small example.

Thanks for your responses.  I appreciate you taking the time.

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