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(Archived) When clicking on a link in a mail a new Evernote is created?




I have a problem that I hope you can help me with as it is driving me nuts!

After updating Evernote to the latest version on my Mac (1.9.0 (83438)) whenever I click on a URL in a mail a new note is created in Evernote instead of the URL opening up in my webbrowser !?

I have checked the preferences in Evernote but can't seem to find any setting in the preferences. I have the same problem when opening a URL from my 1Password-program - It also opens up a new note in Evernote instead of logging in to the site that it used to do.

Hope you can help me!

Best regards,


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You've somehow configured Evernote as your default "web browser." We've seen this problem occasionally from people who use VMWare, which messes with your OS browser selection in strange ways.

To fix: Launch Safari and then go to Safari's Preferences > General > Default web browser

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