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Syncing from Livescribe+

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Hi, as a newbie I'm hoping someone can help.


I've started using Evernote again after quite a few years of not touching it. The main reason is that I've just bought a Livescribe 3 pen and am loving it so far. However, when it syncs the contents from the Livescribe+ app, on several occasions it has created a duplicate notebook within Evernote. So I have my Notebook 1 with all my notes in it - I go to a meeting and take a few pages of notes. When I sync this with Evernote it has either created a new "Notebook 1[2]" and put all content in there, OR, today it created a new "Notebook1[2" with just the new notes from the meeting. I then have to move them all into the real notebook and delete the duplicate one. It doesn't always do this - sometimes it works just fine, adding the new notes to the existing notebook.


I'm hoping someone else has seen this behaviour and has found a way to prevent it.





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Hi Jack

I have been using LS3 and EN for a couple of years now and must agree that it is a great tool. 

I read some time ago that this type of thing can occur if you have automatic sync set on multiple devices. 

Good luck and regards 



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Hmmn.  Still worth reporting to both Evernote and Livescribe when it happens - one or other may be able to prevent it altogether!

I'd suggest you contact support directly if you're a paying subscriber at https://help.evernote.com/hc/requests/new (premium subscribers can chat from the same link) - or message them on Twitter via https://twitter.com/evernotehelps

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I believe the issue is the multiple device installation of Livescribe+. I had the same issue using my iPhone and iPad. I remove the software from the iPad and only use my iPhone. The issue never re-appeared.

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