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auto cursor on search click



when I am in Evernote via a web browser, and i click the magnifying glass 'search' icon in the upper left hand pane, i would expect that the cursor would immediately pop into the search field and i can start typing IMMEDIATELY.

WAY TOO MANY TIMES, i have clicked the magnifying glass, and started typing to no avail and disappointment.  THANKS EVERNOTE.

p.s. test it out in various states.  like when the search bar is already there with text in it, the magnifying glass has no effect.  i would think that when there is text there, that it would automatically clear the text.

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OS?  Device? Classic web service or new version? Wifi or wired network connection?

Are you sure this is an Evernote issue?  When I click the 'search' icon I'm immediately dropped into the search box with the cursor ready to go.  No delays,  no hesitation. 

To search again,  edit or highlight and delete the search term,  or click the 'x' to the right of the box to delete it. (Just above the 'save search' option)

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