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Evernote Web Clipper 6.11 released



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@rubenb  how about getting Evernote to work with Chrome and work properly on Firefox? Clipper is not as important as being able to access my data the way I normal do - and did before the "upgrade" to Google Cloud - there should be a notice here at the site to alert users to the problem and provide a time frame for which it will be fixed. 

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Best I know,  Chrome came up with an update to v56 literally a few days ago that somehow prevents Evernote from showing a notebook listing that was working pretty well up to that point. 

As soon as they were aware of the issue,  developers began working on a way to restore Evernote's display - as well presumably as trying to make sure that Chrome v57 doesn't just break any fixes as soon as they're applied. 

So they're talking to Chrome devs,  working out possible fixes,  and trying to make sure that Google don't rain on their parade all over again. 

They have a lot to do and I'm sure they appreciate that it's urgent work.

Meantime the Clipper team have been working separately on a new product for months,  and this is a further bugfix to ongoing work which a lot of users - including me - want to see performing properly.  So I for one am happy to see this further release.

One question for @rubenb - is there any chance we'll get a 'save to local' option back?  A number of folks have pointed out how much more convenient it is to have a clip saved to the local desktop database where it is available immediately for further editing,  rather than have to first sync the copy from the server.

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