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LOCAL save with web clipper




I know this has been commented on in some of the release notes for the clipper elsewhere (by me and others), but it's really making my blood boil, so though I would post a thread here in the hope Evernote do in fact read the product feedback posts and take note. I hope this isn't too much of a duplicate of others requesting the same.

Since the web clipper was updated some months back and the local save option removed, something I used multiple times daily with pleasure has become a constant annoyance for me. Save to cloud only is NOT an option for some of us. For instance, where I am, for whatever reason, my provider seems unable to reach evernote servers once in awhile. For me, the clipper then becomes a dead tool. Internet in all places in the globe is not always good. Mine here is very poor. Whilst I have broadband, it is slow, but it's the best I can get where I live. I just tried to clip a PDF. It's 139 pages. It's still sitting there minutes later, icons spinning. Now I have to manually request my desktop version sync so I can get it locally and work with that note(s). It's a stupid workflow. Very inefficient. The very things evernote is supposed to improve. it was almost perfect as it was, with local save enabled. It would create the note instantly and sync if needed in the background, when the internet was available, whilst I worked. This is not possible any more.

Please, please, please bring back the local save option.


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