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Make color of note links generated in Evernote for Mac match note links generated on web?

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Like many Evernote users, I use note links a LOT.  Many of my most used pages have a dozen or more note links, often in bold.  At home I use Evernote for Mac, and at work I use the Web version (on a PC).  When I create note links on Evernote for Mac, it uses a different shade of green from that of the note links I create using the web.

The problem is compounded by the fact that (for reasons that elude me) Evernote makes links to websites blue, and links to notes green (for me the text of the links is sufficient to tell me where they go, without introducing a third color). So now the links in my notes have three colors (and the blue really doesn't belong on the same palette as the green).  Their utility is not impaired, but they are really, really, REALLY ugly, because the color jumps around all over the place, depending on where I happened to be when I created each link, and whether the link goes to another note or to a website.
Note link created in Evernote via Web: Link to note
Note link created in Evernote for Mac: Link to note
Link to website: https://www.google.com
(The blue, when I pasted it from Evernote, turned green here, so I have used the color formatting function in the user forum to approximate the blue).
Hopefully the three colors show up here. As I type this, the difference is visible.  So my problem is that, because of this rather arbitrary decision that the default note link colors should not match between the two platforms and, on top of that, that note links and URL link colors must clash, my notes are...a mess. You see those links at the top of this page, Forums, Activities, My Activity Streams, etc.?  Well, imagine if there were 2-3 times that number of links, and that they arbitrarily switched between two shades of green and a rather childishly garish shade of blue.  You're trying to give your pages a consistent, quiet aesthetic, and you're stuck with a random mess of arbitrary colors.

Putting aside the question of WHY these colors need to be different at all (only Evernote knows what the advantages of this might be), can anybody tell me how I can change a group of note links (some generated on the web, some in EN for Mac) and web links so that they are one uniform shade of green (no matter what platform I use to view the page)?

Thanks very much!  If anybody can tell me how to do this, you will be SUBSTANTIALLY improving my life!!


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I always assumed note links and web links were different colors so the user could tell at a glance where clicking that note would take them. Why note links created in the web version are a different color from those created in the desktop version are different is beyond me. Maybe because the green of Evernote's website is slightly different from the green that used to be used featured prominently in the desktop app.

As someone who also cares about the aesthetics of their notes, I agree that it would be nice to set a default link color in the preferences but that's not a feature I see Evernote ever actually adding. Evernote has put a great deal of effort into making their apps look nice except what comes out of the editor.

The color picker in the Mac app can change the color of a link but only one at a time and no other text can be selected while doing it. Barring that, I think we're stuck with 1996-style blue web links.

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Nice to hear I'm not the only one with such concerns.  The thing is, they do have default colors -- just different defaults on different platforms.  Which kind of defeats the  purpose of defaults in the first place or, at best, stops short of carrying the purpose through. But I'm told the different platforms are slouching toward consistency, so...I will commence not holding my breath. :)

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On the Mac, it's extremely temperamental (read: unpredictable and frustrating).  I have the same row of links at the top of each page, to allow for quick navigation. As @tardis observed, you can change the color of each link, one at a time.  But there are situations where you changed links A through F orange (for example), but when you turn G orange, A reverts to its original color.  But when you highlight it, the color GUI indicates that it is still orange.  You end up more or less trying random things until it works, and never quite understand how you got there.  On top of that, even once you've wrestled the whole row of links into uniformity, if you copy that row, then paste it at the top of a blank page, there are times when the pasted version will revert to Jarring Rainbow mode, and you're back to square one.

It's great fun.

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Evernote also uses iOS's smart links functions in its app so random dates, times, and subjects (like people, movie titles, and book titles) are also linked in bright blue. I recently made a bunch of notes for an essay on The Lord of the Rings (the book not the movies) and every mention of the title on mobile is a blue link that points me to the cast list and Rotten Tomatoes score for The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King. Another thing I'd love to have the option to turn off as other apps I use don't do this.

But, like I said, I just don't see this happening. I've come to accept Evernote's weird quirks and occasional ugliness in my almost-decade of use. It's part of its charm, I guess.

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