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Major Lag in Evernote for Android



I just bought myself a shiny new Samsung Galaxy Tab A (2016), excited to jump in and use it for notetaking in class. However, the experience of Evernote on this tablet is downright awful. The real lag issues don't surface until you go into a PDF to annotate. It then lags scrolling, writing, choosing color/tools toolbars. Downright unusable. Please please please make this experience better. For a brand new tablet that's not something super low end (I can stream just fine on this, and no other apps have lagged on this tablet, including OneNote, etc.), I would expect a much more fluid user experience with this application. Please and thank you!

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Hi gazumped, thanks for your response. Yes I have reinstalled, rebooted, and even ran a quick smart manager sweep for good measure,  but it doesn't seem to have resolved the issue. Scrolling and toolbars during annotation are very lagged, and occasionally, text disappears while writing (free writing is also delayed). Any idea of what I should do next? 

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Hmmn.  There's not a lot of tweaking available in the mobile apps - I suggest you contact support directly if you can,  or message them on Twitter to see if they can offer any options.  You could try an 'older' version of Evernote to see if this slowness is something in recent updates - what's your Android version on that shiny new tablet?

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