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Checklist in wrong format

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Hi Everyone,

It seems checklist (at least that that's what I've notcied) aren't showing correctly on Evernote (iOS) recently.

I've attached a screenshot in which you can see the checklist is showing if the items are checked or not, but as in code (true or false) instead of the box on the left of each item.

Has anyone else experienced this lately? Strange thing is the note preview on iOS shows the check boxes no problem, but once I open it it loses it intended format. Same on the Windows app for this note.



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I have the same problem. A shopping list I've had for a couple of years one day appeared on my Iphone with check boxes replaced with code. Copying and pasting the correctly formatted version from my computer to iphone copied everything but the boxes. Now the iphone version has synced to my computer. :(

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There's a new version in town - maybe that will include some relevant fixes...


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