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(Archived) Where is the display of intersected tags on Evernote Mac?

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Quote from the Evernote Manual for Mac:

"To display notes assigned to a single tag, click on that tag. It will become highlighted, and Evernote will display only those notes that have the tag assigned.

To display notes simultaneously assigned to several tags (i.e. intersection between several tags):

• Click on the “All Notebooks” Notebook • Choose one of the tags from the tag panel. • All tags will become grayed out except those that “intersect” with your selected tag – ⌘+Click to select one of the

other available tags."

Doesn't work for me. Am I missing something

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That text is incorrect (it's pasted from an old Windows manual). The Mac client doesn't grey the other tags, but if you select two different tags, you'll see just the notes that contain both of those tags.


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We've done something like this in the latest Windows client release, and plan to do something similar on the Mac. It allows you to hide tags that have no matching notes in the current view, which only shows relevant tags.

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