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Give us the ability to show notebooks by default on the home page

Lawrence Cooper


want to open my Evernote and see the notebook list and most recently accessed files. I do not need to see the entire list of notes.

I had this functionality. I had a versatile customizable note taking app. 

Now I am forced to do this game your way. And your way sucks. 

I am giving you a very short time to fix this maximum ***** up or I am voting with my feet and my pocketbook by going elsewhere.

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23 minutes ago, Lawrence Cooper said:

I am voting with my feet and my pocketbook by going elsewhere.

I doubt you've convinced Evernote to update their UI
It's always your choice to stay with the previous version, upgrade to the new one, or switch apps

Good bye and Good Luck

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3 hours ago, Lawrence Cooper said:

It's not a choice. I get automatic updates to make sure that bugs are being fixed. It'd be a choice if I were wanted in advance that I'm going to lose many of the features that attracted me to the app. 

One thing I know for sure - turn off the automatic upgrades and do some research before allowing an update

Don't even rely on the App Store description.  Evernote wrote a long description of this upgrade and never mentioned the features being dropped

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