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Allow users to revert to old lay out



I just wanted to say that I really prefer the old look of Evernote.  I liked being able to see all my notebooks on the left side of the screen in a menu. I don't like that I have to click on the current notebook at the top of the page to bring up the menu showing all my notebooks and other menu items.
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@DTLow If we had known you would break the user interface, we would have avoided the update. 

Why don't you let us download the old version since you want to be so snobby about it. You gave  us functionality we didn't want or need and took away what we liked best about the app.

Why didn't you think about that before uploading a crappy update?

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52 minutes ago, Lawrence Cooper said:

@DTLow If we had known you would break the user interface, we would have avoided the update.

This is a user discussion forum, and we're all users discussing the problems we're facing

So, I did not break the user interface or upload a crappy update.
As a user, I'm reviewing and testing the new version before installing it on our work devices

The app store isn't into versioning, but I use iTunes on my Mac to control my app version
You can review posts in the forum where users have identified processes for downgrading

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My procedure is #1) to avoid any beta like the plague.  

And #2) when a general update is issued, I have learned it is safer to sit back and wait for at least 2 weeks. I lurk around this forum and read the comments. I remember the upgrade problems for - the Mac 5.0, - the Skitch 2, - the iOS7, and - the infamous Evernote Windows error code 2732.  It there is something ugly reported, I'll hold off even longer. When the smoke clears, then I will go ahead and accept the upgrade.

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I'm completely with this. There are several things about the new iOS update that have removed functionality. Being able to see a "tile" view of my recent notes was one. At the very least there should be a way to go back to a previous version - I had no idea when I downloaded the new version that it was going to remove some of the things I like about Evernote.

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i have my phone set for auto-update. I didn't even know it happened until I opened it. Usually updates are simple bug fixes rather than total overhauls. I find this new layout clunky. Maybe I'm just used to the old one. 

I also don't like having to scroll through recent notebooks before I get to my notebooks. Makes the list long and redundant.

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