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A keyboard shortcut or button that would take me to the top of my list of notes seems like a no brainer feature that appears to be missing.  

As the number of years I have been using Evernote increases, so does the number of notes.  Search can help me find the piece of information I am looking for, but if that note is months (or years) old within a notebook (or in "all notes" view), the only way to move chronologically forward in my notes (to get back to realtime/current history) is to use the scroll bar ---  and that is a tedious and clumsy process.  I would love to have a key board shortcut or button that takes me to the top of the list of notes.  

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I operate on a desktop Mac, an iPhone and an iPad. moving constantly from device to device.    Ideally, this is a function I would like to have available regardless of which device I am using at the moment. 

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