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Hand Writing within Evernote



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43 minutes ago, Atalay said:

There needs to be a way to incorporate hand writing notes within the Evernote app instead of having multiple apps. This is forcing me to have to choose another product.

Evernote actually has a handwriting/sketching tool to quickly add ink to a note.  On my iPad, it looks like a pen drawing a squiggle.

I actually prefer using dedicated apps; I use Notability on my iPad; it has an extended feature set.  It's easy to add the output as an attachment to a note in Evernote

I also simply use pen and paper, and my device camera to add my handwriting as an attachment.

What features are you  looking for that is forcing you?

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I use Notability too. It doesn't export to a JPG (only PDF or RFT) and PDFs aren't searchable by Evernote. I'd be glad to take your suggestion and use handwriting/sketching tool, but when I tried it, there's an annoying delay when handwriting. Good to add some of other functions Notability has such as different types of background "papers." If anyone knows of another notetaking app that does export to JPG and permits handwriting/sketching, I'd be glad to know of it so I can use it with Evernote.

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13 hours ago, TamCam said:

It doesn't export to a JPG (only PDF or RFT) and PDFs aren't searchable by Evernote.

Good point,
I've had limited success with searching my handwriting; but that could be a reflection of my handwriting skills

Other than searching, I actually prefer the pdf format over jpg
I usually set the view as attachment to reduce the clutter

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There are hand writing features in Evernote and I use them occasionally, however the way it works in Android/iPad vs the Windows version are incompatible ! I would love to see the windows version become compatible with the way the iPad/Android version works (so you can make/change notes independent of device).

Personally I use a Windows laptop with detachable screen (HP X2) which can be used as a tablet and works great with the HP active stylus and would be great for note taking in Evernote. Now I use a different app and then need to export the note to evernote as an attachment - after which the note can no longer be changed :-(

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