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Business card not linking to linkedin

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When I scan the card sometimes it nicely found the person on linkedin and load all the contacts. But sometimes not. I know the person profile and I would really love to link it. Is there any chance to do it manually? It would be so simple, instead of stupid and useless "add twitter account" there would be "add linkedin account" entry field. Or why it is not linking automatically?

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Hi.  I assume the name has to match closely,  or the website/ email details need to be substantially the same as the LinkedIn profile to generate a match,  or maybe the LinkedIn site query doesn't respond quickly (or at all) when the query is sent.  No real clue as to why some records aren't found,  and the reasons might be different in each case.  You could raise this issue in the Android Feedback thread as a feature request - but what would be your ideal workflow...

  • Copy business card
  • No LinkedIn match found - add LinkedIn URL?
  • Search manually
  • Copy URL
  • Navigate back to card copy
  • Add URL...

Seems like it might be easier and quicker just to search LinkedIn later and clip a record to another note - so a search for John Smith would find both the card and the LinkedIn page notes...


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