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View and sort Notes by TYPE and VISUALLY by COLOUR CODE





Wouldn't it be great if you could view your notes by the TYPE of clipping they are?

Bookmark / Article / etc etc



Please can we have more VISUAL WAYS to categorise our notes, too, not just tagging. Surely I am not the only visually organised person here.

What else is possible?!








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1 hour ago, psketcher said:

Wouldn't it be great if you could view your notes by the TYPE of clipping they are?

You posted in the Android forum but it's a good idea across platforms

I could do this on my Mac; I'm already scripting based on note types
Except Evernote doesn't have colour options for note titles

The best I can do is add emoji to my titles (:)??)

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I'd love to colour code the actual Notebooks and Notes differently  (not just the text in them - which I do use)

For someone visually minded, it's great to have a second tier of visually organising and archiving content. As it is, Evernote is not oversee-able enough, once you've generated loads of content. It needs to be visually instantly logical, from a wider perspective.

DTLow - yes, you get it.

gazumped - that's great about the sourcing, thanks for sharing, didn't know that!


Let's have coloured Notebooks and Notes please!




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7 hours ago, gazumped said:


There are Style options for tags and notebook titles which include bold,  italic and colours


Well, that works in Windows (maybe Mac too, for all I know). But it doesn't work in Android; and even in Windows, the styles are not synced across devices, which pretty much robs them of all usefulness.

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