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Time & Date Stamping to Incremental Note Additions



I'd guess that most of us use the Web client. Often, we wish to make sequential notes in the same "note." Shouldn't there be a quick way to give each additional note (or "sub-note," if you prefer) a time and date stamp? It could be a clicky or a key maybe a key combination. 

That would be very helpful.

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Text expansion software can do this for you. TextExpander, Typinator, TypeIt4Me, and aText are popular choices for Mac. (I don't know what Windows users usually go for. Phrase Express, maybe?) One of my most used shortcuts in aText is ";d" which expands to the current date and time. I use it just the way you describe, to put a date/timestamp on additions to notes.


This might, at least, be a solution in the meantime.

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