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(Archived) DO NOT INSTALL the latest Mac Client update: disaster awaits



I just updated my Mac Evernote client with the lastest update and it's a disaster.

It attempts to migrate my notebooks and then crashes entirely. This happens after a restart, too.

AND it continues to happen with the old version of the Mac client I pulled out of the trash and reinstalled.

At present, the Mac Client is completely unusable and I can't revert back.

Something's very wrong with this update. Please advise.

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So perhaps this is a Leopard issue.

Are any other Leopard users experiencing this?

I've had numerous problems in the past with the web client which were gradually resolved over time, but this is the first time the Mac client has crashed like this.

My business depends entirely on Evernote, so this is big for us.

Any developers' comments?

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More info & Success:

I purged my MacBook Pro of all things Evernote, and downloaded and reinstalled the latest Mac Client from zero.

During its initial "first-time" sync with the web client, it got halfway through before crashing. Repeating this several times, I noticed it would always crash at the same note. This note contained predominantly Japanese text with a lot of formatting.

Through the on-line client, I cleaned up this note, changing it to all-black in medium sized Times New Roman and removed excess paragraph returns.

After this, the new Mac Client was able to complete the sync and operate normally.

So, am I to suppose that this single file was somehow corrupt enough to bring down the update?

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If you receive a crash from Evernote, then make sure to submit the "crash report" to Evernote if you have the option so we can track down the problem.

You may be able to find more information to send us via: Help > Activity Log

Or you may also be able to find more information by running the Mac "Console" application, and then Filter by "Evernote" in the top-right and check within these areas on the left side:

- DATABASE SEARCHES > Console Messages

- FILES > ~/Library/Logs > Evernote > Evernote.log

If you see anything useful, you can send it to us via a support inquiry at the bottom of:


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