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Reminders are broken in new update



Hi!  I used to love the Evernote reminder function!!! It helped me with my Getting Things Done scheduling.  I would click on the clock icon on my iOS widget and it would jump to an easy one-line reminder prompt.  I would put in my reminder, like "buy eggs" then Evernote would automatically prompt me to enter in the date and time to remind me.  Boom!  Done.  Easy peasy. This was probably the most helpful feature on my entire iphone.  Now, I hit the clock icon on my widget and it just sends me to a regular note, then I have to save the note and then go back into the note to set a time, but I can't just set the time, I have to set a reminder, then go back in and set a time for the reminder.  This update is killing me.  I am begging you guys to go to back to the way reminders were before the update.  They were simple and elegant and useful.  Now they are a mess.

Thanks for your time!

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