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26 minutes ago, lometogo said:

I can add notes to shortcuts BUT I see nowhere to show my shortcuts. I've searched everywhere but don't find a way to reveal shortcut list.

I have Shortcuts at the top of my sidebar5896cfbf21c8a_ScreenShot2017-02-04at11_08_49PM.png.54e8ce8070caad6f9b9e80d7d0dc53d6.png

Sidebar Options are controlled using View > Sidebar Options



If you have your sidebar width minimized so only icons show5896d1059b697_ScreenShot2017-02-04at11_14_50PM.png.5aa82256e5e89dd4f9432241f0d893ca.png
You can expand it by dragging the side

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This is interesting: the problem was I had minimized the width of the sidebar, so shortcuts didn't appear.  AND, when I looked at View > Sidebar Options, the Shortcuts option doesn't even exist when the sidebar's minimized.

I'm no developer, but as an uber-user, I'd suggest that is bad design. Even with the sidebar minimized, I should be able to go to View > Sidebar Options and have the choice to choose Shortcuts.


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