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Scannable settings are not presistent



I've configured Scannable (including Evernote integration). This worked for some time, but all settings are forgotten after:

  • either Scannable is restarted
  • or iPhone is restarted
  • or iOS is upgraded

Maybe settings are forgotten after some fixed amount of time. So far I have experienced it 2 times.

This is very problematic, because after settings are lost I need to reconfigure all from scratch.

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I have the same issue. This is my most frustrating aspect of working with Evernote and has me testing out Bear and OneNote as well as other scanning tools.  Why can't it just store my settings?  Especially frustrating is the loss of my Evernote autosave Settings. Isn't Scannable an Evernote product?  

Scannable works great and is my favorite Scanner (I've tried ScanPro, Office Lens, and Adobe Scan). But this loss of basic setup on a near monthly basis is ridiculous. 

Similarly, Evernote has been my go-to note tool for 5 years? More? But this bug (and the new UI on Evernote) have me shopping around even though I don't want to change tools.

Please fix!

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EN is more and more moving to the scanner that is build into the app. I don’t expect them to improve on the Scannable app, maybe they even decide to give it up one day. 

For me the build in scanner is o.k. for simple scanning tasks. For more extensive scanning I use ScannerPro on the iPhone, for multipage  documents my ix500 with my Mac as host computer.

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After all this time in which this could be solved the settings still are not presistent and they always end up in 'auto' mode. In short, the documents I want as a pdf are made into JPG and unusable in my administration. Terrible. You should give it some love, @Evernote. 

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On 7/15/2021 at 9:43 AM, Joor said:

You should give it some love, @Evernote. 

Hi.  If you're talking about Scannable,  I don't think that has been updated in over a year.  The Evernote in-app scanning function on the other hand got updated (or at least the app did) within the last several days...

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On 2020/12/3 at 午前3時23分, mpc5341 said:

私も同じ問題を抱えています。これは、Evernote を使用する上で最もイライラする点であり、Bear や OneNote、その他のスキャン ツールをテストすることになりました。私の設定を保存できないのはなぜですか? 特にイライラするのは、Evernote の自動保存設定が失われることです。Scannable は Evernote 製品ではありませんか?  

Scannable は非常にうまく動作し、私のお気に入りのスキャナーです (ScanPro、Office Lens、Adobe Scan を試しました)。しかし、ほぼ毎月、このように基本設定が失われるのはばかばかしいことです。 

同様に、Evernote は 5 年間、私にとって頼りになるメモ ツールでした。もっと?しかし、このバグ (そして Evernote の新しい UI) のせいで、ツールを変更したくないにもかかわらず、あちこち買い物をすることになりました。



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It is known that EN has relocated its operations from the US to Italy. In this process practically the whole staff has been exchanged as well.

The apps like Penultimate, Skitch and Scannable were acquired by EN years ago. They all have their own code base and were never integrated into EN. I doubt there is anybody left able to maintain this aged code base.

Expect these apps to run maybe for a while on their own, but not having updates, and be gone one day without a trace.

You can contact support about it, but I doubt you will get a different affirmation.

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