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Problem of work chat on evernote

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I started to use work chat since our company evernote account get upgraded to premium.

The work chat function works OK when I used evernote 5.x. But when I upgraded it to the current version, it got wrong:

- I could still get the email notifications when there is new message

- But I can only see the new message in the middle area (message group?), while I cannot see the details messages in the right area or even I double click the message. see the pictures I uploaded.==> this leads to a serious problem: I always miss the messages since I can now only see the last.

The IT has helped me to reinstall the evernote but that doesn't help. I've also tried to send this inquiry to evernote support a few weeks ago, but no answer at all till now.


Would you please help?




evernote user in CN, windows 7




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9 hours ago, FShen said:

HI, as it's happened several weeks ago, I cannot find the ticket any more.


Would you please help just based on my descriptions above?


Many thanks for the prompt reply!

Sorry but this is a (mainly) user-supported forum.  We have no access to see what's happening with your account shares,  and Evernote need information on the registered name and details of the individual account to help you - which aren't appropriate to share in a public forum like this.  Please raise another ticket if necessary and let us know the number - we can ask an employee to look into the matter for you.

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12 hours ago, FShen said:

hello, can i get the support asap? another two weeks has gone by.

Hi.  That's bad - especially given the long delay since you reported the issue.  I'll flag your post again - like I said we're very much third parties here,  so no direct influence I'm afraid.

9 hours ago, alex1210 said:

I have the same problem, too

I'd suggest you contact support directly if you can,  or message them on Twitter
When you get a ticket number post it back here and we can flag the post if necessary.
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