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I was out for a walk today, "brainstorming" a project. Each time I had an idea I made a recording and uploaded it to Evernote. But there are two problems that make this difficult to do.

1: The screen on most of these Androids is pretty bad outdoors; really bad contrast. But to make the problem worse, whoever designed the Record screen obviously thought to himself, "let's see if we can make this screen completely invisible outdoors" ... the contrast is really dreadful. Light gray buttons on a light gray background?! Are you kidding! Oh, and is that as small as you can get the time display? Surely you could make the text totally illegible, couldn't you?

2: In order to upload a recording I need to press Stop - Menu - Save - scroll down to the to get to the Save button - Save. How about putting a Save button right there on the Record screen. Better still, give us a Stop button, and a Stop and Save button?

3: One more thing; how about a Pause button? Why can't I stop and restart a recording?


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