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Hi.  This feature seems to have been dropped from the latest update.  No reason given.  See toward the bottom of this page.. https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/115000827848

What features are no longer available?

  • Home screen and home screen sections - Primary navigation has been moved to the tab bar, making it quicker to navigate around your account.
  • Color themes - These colors applied only to the home screen and items that opened within the home screen. Since we removed the home screen, color options are no longer available.
  • Presentation mode - You can use AirPlay to mirror your screen, or you can use presentation mode in Evernote for Mac or Windows.
  • Atlas or “Places” view - We plan to add a feature to filter notes by location, but there will no longer be a map view.
  • Suggested note titles - We want to give you more control over how to title your notes, rather than using an algorithm to suggest note titles based on location, calendar event, or note content.
  • Note list "card view" - "Card View" as it appeared in pre-8.0 versions has changed slightly. Instead of the option to view multiple columns of static-sized cards, all notes now have a card-like appearance. All notes now appear as a single-column list with varying sized cards, depending on how much note content you’d prefer to preview in the note list.
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