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1 hour ago, dinew30 said:

Would like to import from apple's notes app and the standard notes app from android


You're posting in the IOS forum.  Your options are very limited on the mobile platforms

I don't know anything about the "standard notes app from android".  There's no interface to Evernote, but you could look into export options.

My solution for Apple Notes would be scripting on my Mac.  Both applications have an extensive scripting layer via Applescript

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On Android,  the Samsung S-Note app has a Share option for selected notes as a variety of file types directly into Evernote .  There are a probably a gazillion other note apps - not sure what you'd consider 'standard'...

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20 hours ago, dinew30 said:

Would like to import from apple's notes app

I've used this Mac app to export my Apple Notes into plain text .txt (http://writeapp.net/notesexporter/). I've also used this app that exports the notes into markdown format (.md) (https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/exporter/id1099120373?ls=1&mt=12). The latter app is supposed to persevere creation and modification dates.

Hope this helps.

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