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While I can access Evernote and create/edit notes, Clipping and saving to Evernote doesn’t seem to work. Can you please help resolve this problem. I use Evernote extensively and teach people how to use it for genealogy. It is very frustrating not to be able to save or clip.


Peter F Thorne

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Hi.  When you say "doesn't seem to work..." - what are you doing to clip an item,  and what do you see when you try it?  I have a Note 4 and clip frequently. 

The sequence is:

  • On the page you wish to clip,  choose Share
  • Look for Evernote (scroll up/ down or sideways) in the sharing list
  • Tap Evernote
  • When you get a football with a fly buzzing round it on the page,  tap the football
  • Choose 'text note' (means a bookmark) or 'full page' which means the full screen
  • Tap again to commit.  (Beware that this choice will now become the default unless you change it with another tap.)


  • On the page you wish to clip,  long-press some text or a picture.
  • Use the handles to select everything in one block
  • choose 'Share' from the pop-up menu
  • See above...
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