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Online Newsletter - Send to Evernote - How?

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I have a friend who has been using Evernote for 4-6 months and is starting to embrace it. She subscribes to a bunch of online newsletters. They are sent to her email server and she receives them in her email InBox. She then manually moves each one (or in a batch), to a "Newsletters" folder in her email app to be read at a later time at her convenience.

I'm thinking it would be more effective for those newsletters to be sent automatically into her Evernote database. She would have to give her Evernote email address to the website for each newsletter, but I think she would be OK with that. However, in that case, the newsletters would go to her "default" Evernote Notebook.

Is there a way to have the newsletters go to some other Evernote Notebook, so that she wouldn't have to manually move each one to a "Newsletters" Notebook?

I am aware that it is possible to forward an email to a specific Evernote Notebook by putting @NotebookName in the "Subject" line of the email. However, it is not likely that she would be able to manipulate the "Subject" line that the online newsletter service creates for each newsletter, so that doesn't seem to be an option.

I also realize that she could move the newsletter Notes that are automatically sent to her default Evernote Notebook to a "Newsletter" Notebook in batches. But, that still requires manual intervention.

I also thought about IFTTT, but I assume it doesn't offer recipes for the newsletter services that she is interested in.

Again, is there any way to get the newsletters sent into a non-default Evernote Notebook without having to manually touch them at all?

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26 minutes ago, Analyst444 said:

I'm thinking it would be more effective for those newsletters to be sent automatically into her Evernote database.

I wouldn't recommend this approach.  
I trust the email systems more than I trust the Evernote email address.

How about forwarding rules within the mail client.
It eliminates the manual work on the Mail side

It doesn't give a way to control the Notebook though
Evernote does have some auto-filing features base on past actions.  
I don't use them because it isn't clearly defined

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Not a totally 'simple' solution I know,  but would it be feasible to set up a gmail account to receive these newsletters?  I do know IFTTT will move gmails (and attachments) into a notebook of your choice...

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