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Notes missing tags, some notes not loading

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I'm having a lot of problems with the Android client. Everything is correct in the Windows client.

I went to load up a recipe for sweet potatoes from my recipe notebook, and found the my 'sweet potatoes' tag said (0) notes. I did a search and the note showed up in the results, but when I opened it it said "Note Edit error: Note content could not be downloaded at this time. Check your network connection and tr again later."

I have many other tags that say (0) when there should be notes with those tags.

There's a recipe for rotisserie duck that has the tags 'rotisserie' and 'duck' in the desktop client. In the Android client, the tags 'rotisserie' and 'duck' both say (0) and the duck recipe shows no tags assigned to it. There seems to be quite a few notes like this.

I have the latest version from the Play Store. I have tried deleting app data.

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Are you using offline motebooks?

The download is from the Evernote servers.  I'd use the web platform (www.evernote.com) to verify your notes

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I'm a basic user, so no offline notebooks.

Using the web interface, I see the same problems as on my Android client. :( Perhaps this is a problem with the desktop client?

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Looks like a Windows problem

You could try this

- Go to Windows and make a simple change to a note so it syncs

Check on the Web and Android to see how it looks

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