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Sync conflict - have alert & keep on phone



Please have an alert or email when a note has a "conflicting modification" (between a note on server and edit). currently a user only finds out too late when they discover their note with a "conflicting modification" is no longer on their phone and has been moved off server into a separate folder on main computer - or they find out often much later (or may not know).  at least send a warning/alert to users so they know asap so they can fix the issue.   even previously there was no way to know a note had a "conficting modification" unless you happened to scroll down - and if you had made many edits there would be many "conflicting modifications" which was very hard to sort through as there had been no notice at the time -  there should be an alert at top of the note seen when someone opens the note again to alert them!  ie alert (either flag or email) when conflict happens (so user has chance to fix as close in time as possible) and keep both versions on server, and alart user when opening the note so they do not further edit note without having a chance to fix.

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