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(Archived) Drag and Drop Address Book Contact into Evernote



I could be missing something, but it doesn't seem possible to drag and drop a contact from Apple Address Book into an Evernote note. Using the copy/paste command only gives you the name field from the contact. I know I can export the contact as a vcard and then drag it into my note.

Could you please consider adding the feature of letting us just drag from Address Book into notes? It feels like it ought to work that way. This would be a big help when using Evernote for GTD.

Thanks for continuing to improve my favorite piece of software.

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You seem to be right...I can't drag a contact into a note.

However, I can drag a contact into a notebook (or the Dock icon) to create a new note with the VCF attached. You can then merge notes (not ideal, but perhaps a good temporary solution?).

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I really wish there was a better way to do this. What I really want is to see a visual representation of the card (the person's picture and info), NOT just a little vcard icon.

Right now, I actually use Skitch to grab the Address Book window and drop a JPG into Evernote. I get the visual representation, and Evernote is pretty good at text indexing the image... so, it works. But it's a pain in the arse, and obviously has to be manually updated.

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