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Auto-trimming spaces from titles messes things up



It seems that since (one of) the latest updates, Evernote for iOS automatically trims spaces from titles if you stop typing for a couple of seconds. This messes up the titles if you wish to continue the title, thinking you just typed a space, which auto-magically disappeared.

Example: Often I add a date in front of the title, so I start typing "2017-01-29 " (note the space at then end). Then, 2 seconds later, I keep typing and add "Some title". The result is now "2017-01-29Some title" rather than "2017-01-29 Some title". The space was eaten automatically, while the window was still open. Very annoying.

Can you please auto-trim the title ONLY if the window gets dismissed/closed?

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1 hour ago, DTLow said:

This has been fixed in the latest release (6.11 Beta 1)

It hasn't in the Windows version. In fact, that one still moves the cursor to the start of the title when you switch out and back. :( Good to know it is a recognized issue and the Mac version works correctly.

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