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Unable to Open Note

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I'm unable to open all my notes. 

Running latest version on android.

Regular User attempting to find one app to organize all my tasks (and so far evernote isn't making a very good impression).

We get 2 free devices, I've enabled it only on my phone for now while I'm trying to decide if I like the app or not.

Most of the notes open, but a couple don't.

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Can you offer some more info about the nature of the non-functioning notes? That might help fellow-users here track down the problem.

WRT the 2 devices, you can only have 2 devices simultaneously, but can swap devices in and out in Evernote's settings.

OTOH, Evernote is really intended for note-keeping, not as a universal organizer or task manager, though it does have some limited capabilities in that area.

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