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Missing letters

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I have been using and loving Evernote for the past few years and today something very strange happened.  I copied the essay Nature by Emerson from a document my professor sent me into Evernote.  When I opened the document to read it the following letters missing,,,

Th....when the beginning word starts with Th

fl....as in flower and influence

fi...as in field and find

ff.....as in effeminacy

I am puzzled and wanted to share this feedback.   It has actually helped me read the essay carefully bc I have to focus on every word, and its also a pain in the neck.


Did I not do something right? or is it a bug?  or maybe Emerson's ghost?


Thank you!


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20 hours ago, amipapa21@gmail.com said:

Did I not do something right?

One quick fix is to paste into a plain text editor, and then copy/paste into Evernote

It is curious and there are things you can do to follow up

What format was the document you were posting from?

It could be something obscure at the source, complicated by the Evernote format (html)

I'd look into the underlying Evernote code and see if the characters are there but hidden


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