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Keep getting logged out of Evernote


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Recently when I try using the Evernote clipper from Safari I am required to log in. This usually happens the first time I use Evernote each day or so. Evernote did not used to behave this way. I stayed logged in until I logged out or stopped Evernote. This is becoming a big pain. I requested help from Evernote but so far, nothing.

Is there a cure for this newly surfaced bug?


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gazumped - thanks for the response. I looked at the thread you suggested and the only remedy I saw was to change the Safari privacy settings, however the setting that was recommended is my standard setting so I am still experiencing this problem. Thanks again.

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Sorry, going to piggyback here. @gazumped: I'm running Mac Evernote and keep getting logged out of Clipper as well. Will contact support but want to be able to tell them which version of the software and Clipper (if it's versioned) but not sure how to find that info. I looked at EN HELP menu but no version number.

Can you help?


Thanks, Terrance

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9 hours ago, lometogo said:

which version of the software and Clipper

EN version in Windows is in Help > About - not sure about Mac..  The Clipper version is on the Options page - open Clipper and look for the options link.

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I am using Evernote 6.1and Safari 10.0.3 Clipper 6.10.3 . This problem seemed to go away for a while and is now back. I have not knowingly upgraded Evernote or Safari but, once again, I am being asked to log in the first time I use Evernote each day. This is a real pain. Someone suggested contacting Evernote support. Good luck with that.

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