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Sharing Stacks in Evernote Business?

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Can you share a Stack in Evernote Business?  Example - If I have a Stack with 20 Notebooks in it, I would not have to email all of the participants for each individual Notebook would I?



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Hi.  That's a good question.  You can't share stacks,  and you don't exactly 'share' business accounts. 

According to Evernote...

The 'Notebooks' page displays the following information about each business notebook:

  • Notebook Name: The name of the business notebook.
  • Contact: The contact person that will be shown on the business notebook when it is shared with the entire company. Changing the contact person will not affect the user permission level of the user that originally created the business notebook.
  • Members: The number of users that have joined the business notebook, which includes both users that have joined the business notebook from business home, and users that have joined the business notebooks after being invited individually.  (my emphasis)
  • Sharing Status: The current sharing status of the business notebook, whether it's shared at all, with individual people, or published to the business home

- That's from Evernote Business admin console - which is worth an in-depth read...

(You can share notebooks normally from your personal account,  but you'd have to advise the recipient to set up their own stack if they need to be arranged that way.)

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