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(Archived) Scanner OCR vs Evernote OCR - what is the difference?

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If I have a free account and scan the documents in PDF with OCR ON do I get search functionality based on my own OCR output?

How about premium account - do I want to OCR anyway, or let EN do it? Any advantage of doing OCR anyway on my end when scanning with premium account?

Thank you

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If your existing PDF OCR software works well for you, there's no real advantage to disable that and use Evernote to do the OCR. We'll get similar results to your own software.

A few people choose to disable their own OCR software if it's too slow for their workflow, but if you're happy with your existing software, I'd just stick with that.

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No, when you add a note with a PDF, we inspect it to see if it already has OCR (or, generally, if it has searchable text). We'll only run OCR on PDFs that look like bare scans.

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