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Sticky Notes fails compared with standalone

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I have used Sticky notes for some time; I migrated after the excellent ATNOtes stopped being supported.

ATNotes is very old and had features that Evernote Sticknotes does not. More worrying is that Evernotes Sticknotes is not as good as the stand along sticky notes:

1. Range of colours is limited.

2.No headings.

3, No option to scroll up (due to no headings I suppose)

4. No opague settings.


5. Not able to see all the notes in a list. (I would have thought with syncing this would have been the starting place.

So, I will drop Evernote StickyNotes and use basic Sticky Notes, and look for my old copies of AT Notes.

 I really would have thought that by now Stickynotes should be better than the excellent AT notes.

Disappointed to say the least.

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18 hours ago, idris-dragon said:

Evernote StickyNotes

Does anyone know what Evernote StickyNotes is; maybe a Windows thing?

For me, Evernote's purpose and outstanding feature is in the storage and retrieval of notes


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