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Help with multi page documents

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I need help please. I have spent  the past several months putting everything into evernote via my phone. I do not have a scanner so if I have a 20 page document I take a picture of it page by page. It is all attached as one note and stored nice and neat. However I just discovered a major issue today when I had to send one of these documents via email. They are stored as a collection of single pages meaning I have to send each page separately. how do I avoid this in the future? Is it possible to still use my phone but have it add all the pages as one document? Any help is appreciated. Thanks,

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Hi.  A collection of images can be combined into one PDF file if you have the appropriate PDF editor software;  and it's possible to 'scan' to PDF directly using your device camera.  Try using the app to add a picture note,  and save the picture as a document.  You'll be able to take several pictures in succession if you're copying more than one page.

How to capture handwriting and scan documents with your phone

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