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PDF Annotation Feature Request (No Tool Selection)

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Hi Evernote team,

I love the PDF Annotation tool, but it would be great if I could move through the PDF without having an annotation method selected (I.E: Hand tool or just pointer). As shown in the attached screenshot, there is no way to deselect the current selection of annotation method. I have to browse through a 1096 page document, and having a tool constantly selected kind of irks me. Having two separate PDFs open in order to browse/read and then annotate is not an ideal solution for me.

Thank you.


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Hi.  More comprehensive PDF annotation seems to me a 'nice to have' rather than a core new feature - and I mention that from the point of view of Evernote having a basic add-in tool at the moment,  which would likely require a serious investment of time and money to upgrade/ replace.  I don't see this feature alone prompting people to upgrade or sign on.

Not saying it shouldn't be done,  just that it probably has a low priority for review.

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