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Continuous sync failure (URGENT)

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Finally figured out how to save Notes from my phone (sony xperia z1), but sync is failing repeatedly. I've followed all the steps for sync failures (reinstalling evernote, updating, checking if more than 2 devices are synced, checking web evernote, etc.), but it's still not working. The only thing I haven't tried is restarting my phone, which I can't do because the power button has stopped working. Once the screen dies I won't be able to get to the info on my phone at all (it's been slowly going haywire even before this), except the photos and such, so I really need an urgent fix for this problem. To anyone with advice, thank you in advance.

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Hi.  If you're a Plus or Premium subscriber you'll be able to email notes from the phone directly to your Evernote email address;  if not you could still send the notes by email to your own email address and then import them into Evernote as new notes/ emails.  If neither of those things are possible I can't think of any other way to get the information off electronically...  unless you could try to print the notes and scan them back into your account?  Grabbing at straws here...

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