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(Archived) text editor sucks soooooooo much



hey there evernote guys,

please update the text editor for the mac version. it sucks sooooooooooooo much.

even the list options is hardly usable if you want to have multiple line entries which are indented.

rendering errors and formatting issues without ends ....

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Thank you for your detailed, incisive and helpful comment. I'm glad that you took the time to read the forum to make sure that your comment doesn't repeat points that are made in other posts. Not everybody does this, and it helps to keep the signal/noise ratio high.


The Users

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strangely enough that one user seems to speak for all the other users excluding myself

Well, Jeff's post gave me a morning chuckle.

And yeah, if you pop in, post something without taking time to search the forum first, there's a chance you may get a sarcastic and/or abrupt reply, especially when it's something that's been discussed ad nauseum.

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This forum can be very helpful if it is used properly.

Using juvenile words to describe your view and then expect sincere assistance is rather boorish.

I would not say "user user".

Perhaps a better description would be a "mini-troll user".

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