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UI Freezes all the time with new version

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Dear all,

Since the new update my Evernote UI freezes occasionally. For example when I first start up the application, my screen is frozen for 2 to 5 seconds.

Is anyone else experiencing this or I am doing something wrong?

Kind regards,


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I had that issue after both the 8.0.1. & 8.0.2 updates.

I removed and reinstalled the Evernote app after 8.0.1 and that stopped the crashes but not the slowness or what looked like freeze up.

Yesterday, I removed and reinstalled again and not Evernote on my iPad is much more responsive, Still not as good as rel 7x, but much, much better than it was.

Still monitoring and watching, its acceptable, but still not as good as the previous (7) version.

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