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Web Clipper Broken in Firefox 51.0

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For a few days I have been completely unable to log into Web Clipper. There's a little red dot on the icon. The first time I tried to log in, I got the sign-in box, but nothing happened. Now when I click on the icon, I get a blank box for a second and it disappears. Every time. I'm logged into both Evernote Web and the desktop application, but the clipper is completely borked. I have re-installed the add-on and updated Firefox. Zilch.

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Try updating your clipper,  or uninstalling it and reinstalling the latest version.

I think I said I did re-install it. And if is not the latest version, I'd love to know how I'm supposed to get it. It's the version Firefox's Add-On store has and Evernote's own link sends me to that.

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Weird  I have 6.10.2beta2 from somewhere - I clicked a link on one of the many threads about clipper issues,  but can't remember which now!  It's clipping well for me and I'm on Firefox 52.0b1 - only beef is that it still clips direct to the server,  even when I want to clip from a secured page into a local notebook.

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Success! - I finally got Clipper working in Firefox 51.0.1.  
First delete the current version of Evernote from the extensions page.  Then go to:
which is the Evernote Clipper download page for Firefox.  Scroll to the very bottom of the page just above the footer and open “Version Information”.  Do not download the current version but click on the line “See complete version history “
From the list that appears select “Version 6.9.3” and press the “add to Firefox button”.
After a Firefox restart Evernote Clipper will begin working as before.

Incidentally, I found Clipper version 6.10.2beta2 in the section "Development Channel" just below the above. Unfortunately, this did not work for me.


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Thanks for the reminder @hpm - I keep forgetting to stress that stepping back to 6.9.3 is an option,  but look out for automatic updates - when I did this initially I forgot to make updating a manual exercise and it magically updated to 6.10.2 again.

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