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Please release Evernote 7 as a separate download

Uncle Bob


Fact: Evernote 8 removes functionality that paying users rely on daily

Fact: Evernote 8 has bugs in significant features like search

Fact: This update has proved HIGHLY disruptive to the workflow of some of your customer base

Please release the latest version of 7 as a separate "Evernote 7" download from the app store. This is **URGENT** for some of us. I did not mean to update to 8 yet, but it happened with an absentminded click of update all. Now Evernote on my iPad is functionally useless to me. For me the broken search is a show stopper, but others cannot even launch the app yet. The loss of "Present" with no promise to return also severely hampers how many of your paying customers use your app.

Giving us a way to download Evernote 7 shows you care about our ability to do the work we need to accomplish over your desire to drive all customers to the latest version. 

Show us you care about your customers. Make this happen.

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Hi.  A lot of different issues have come up with the launch of iOS 8.0 and as new threads are popping up all over these mainly user-supported forums,  I doubt that the developers stand much chance of seeing them all.  It's always better to raise any queries or comments in the release thread,  or at least post a comment there that links back to this post,  to make sure the devs see your views as quickly as possible. 


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On 2017-01-24 at 6:24 AM, Uncle Bob said:

Giving us a way to download Evernote 7

Have you tried the downgrade processes suggested in the forum posts

For example


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