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Homescreen Please



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Up voted.  One step removed and more, particularly for those of us who use the IOS version for 95% search and 5% add/edit.  Having recent notes, key saved searches, recent tags and notebooks visible on the home screen was a boon to productivity.  

Minimums now; 2 presses for a recent note, two presses for a key saved search, not possible for recent tags (AFAICT), and 4 presses to get to a notebook if you use stacks.  All used to be one press on the home screen.  

So I can't quite buy into the faster experience, my use case anyway.  It's almost like there is a new product manager each year who wants a different look independent of function.  /end of mini rant

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I agree strongly with csihilling's comments.

Also, in this new version with no feeling of a home page or landing base, even if data is accessible as ever, I -feel- more removed from my data and the functions of the app.

The psychological sense of home that the old home page provided is an important element of any app but especially one that is as intimate and personal as Evernote where we store everything from private thoughts to secure financial data.

Damn how I miss that home page. It was, to date, the best and most elegantly efficient presentation of Evernote.

Developers! Admit your mistake and bring it back. :)

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