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BUG: Outlook Add-In: Button grayed out for signed emails

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The title says it all: The "Send to Evernote" Button in Outlook does not work (it's grayed out) for emails that are digitally signed.

I am aware that I could just forward my emails after getting Premium, but it's still a bug that makes the Outlook add-in basically useless because it only works "sometimes"; e.g., it never works for emails I receive from my boss.

Apparently this issue has been open since at least 2013. Also, EN doesn't let me open a support ticket as a Basic user, apparently because they think that it's me who would profit most from that. Very unfortunate.

Did any of you not hit this bug, i.e., is anyone able to use the "Send to Evernote" button for digitally signed emails?

Thanks; Best, Steffen

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Hi.  As a general rule I don't need to copy signed emails so this has never bothered me.  If you're receiving emails in Outlook,  a very simple workaround would be to either setup a boss hotkey (also known in Outlook as a 'quick step') to automatically forward emails to your (Plus or Premium) account,  or do the same with an Outlook Rule to forward all emails from his email address there.

I think you may be the second person to mention this since 2013,  which may account for Evernote's lack of enthusiasm in adding this feature.  Since the email clipper works reasonably well (finally) with most general mail,  this could mean a rewrite or an upgrade to the code would be necessary.  Evernote is trying to show a profit these days,  so prefers to work on things that may help with that.

Same applies to providing free support services for the hundreds of thousands of users who're 'trying out' the free option over extended periods.  Funding a large enough support team,  as well as a lot of server storage and bandwidth,  may be where a few of the former actors in this market went.  See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Springpad

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