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Reinstall Evernotes can't find old notes

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I am helping someone with tech problems with there computer. To make a long story short I decided to reinstall windows on another hard drive. This person used Evernotes, sticky notes ver 1.5.9. She didn't register or pay for anything, but just used it to make notes on her desktop. My question is if she didn't sign up for any account are the notes saved somewhere on her computer. I have looked in C:\users\ME\Appdata\local\Evernote\Evernote\Databases, and can't find anything. I also did a search for a .EXB file with no luck. 

Windows XPsp3

Evernote sticky notes version 1.5.9

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Hi.  Despite the name,  sticky notes is not an Evernote product.  See http://stickynotes.edo-soft.com/ for the software.  I don't have any technical details of the storage locaton - at worst you could create a new instance and track where in the system the notes are stored.  There must be other users out there - maybe someone else has an insight here...

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