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I use Evernote to save a backup of everything i discover and want to remember.

So i can go back to rediscover what i have previously found.

The problem is, i feel distracted when using Evernote. For me, there are to many functions and options i don't need that are only in the way of my notes. I believe Evernote lacks a focus.

What i would do is.

I would make it easy to collect all the things you discover, text, pictures, sound, e-mails, scanned physical documents etc. With machine learning saving only whats important, removing the unnecessary information.

And a great search function, that makes you want to rediscover what you have saved. With machine learning connecting the dots between your notes when you make a search (not before).

I would focus on those two things. By only adding things that enhance that focus, and removing everything that distracts from that focus.

You could for example remove the notebook option, a great search function that leet you discover what you have found makes notebooks obsolete. Tags do a better jobb if you ask me, and they help the machine to connect the dots between notes. Also, notebooks only add an extra layer distracting the user from the notes.

My wish is that Evernote one day will work like a second brain. A physical extension where i may collect information and make connections. To make new discoveries, learn and evolve as a person.

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