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Unable to Save to Evernote


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3 hours ago, kcr said:

I've been trying to save to Evernote and keep getting this error message - Unable to process your request

Could you provide some details as to what/where you are trying to save?

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There's another thread around dealing with notes shared by URL.  They can be viewed,  but if the Save button is pressed to add that note to your own account,  the error message pops up as above.  Not known why this is occurring - possibly a result of the migration to Google servers.  I can verify it's happening with shared URLs.

Work-around is for the sharer of notes to share a notebook,  and add new shared notes to that notebook;  I can still move and copy notes from a shared notebook to my own account.

Anyone having the problem please contact support directly if you can,  or message them on Twitter - the more feedback they get,  the more likely someone is to find the fix.

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Hmmn.  There is another thread,  and @BSR has said there (I think) that the support team are looking into this but there's no fix as yet.  When I can actually find the other thread I'll link these two together...

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